22 Year Old Creep

Matchbook Psalms and Gypsy Hymns

Welcome to the wonderful world of Exit Wound (okay maybe not that wonderful.) Okay, how's this? Welcome all you messed up, moronic, fudge-packers! (Oh great, now you'll think I'm from Seattle...) Well, whatever. You've stumbled upon the most unfocused, egotistical website for the most worthless, self serving music artist since Prince. That's right kids. It's the one (and thank God only) Exit Wound. The word is out that I, Stephanie Williams, am an overgrown trust fund brat. Yes, I may own several slaughterhouses, and may or may not be involved in the production and distribution of pornography. I am also a loud-mouthed, close-minded, arrogant tyrant who has been announced officially braindead in three time zones. Anyhow, I must admit that this music making business is really nothing but a front for illegal and illicit operations. So then, welcome to the nightmarish world of Exit Wound, the only place in all of indieland where you'll find a knife in your back for using the word alternative. Well, that will have to do as an introduction for now. Later when this music making crap takes off running like a stripper in a leper colony I'll hire some devastatingly cool, ultra hip nerd to dream up some propaganda that'll make your heap spin.

Okay kids, so here we are. I've got the music, and you've got your fat momma's big ass chequebook. The logistics are that you desperately need some of my music to increase your cool quotient among your useless friends, and I need some action in order to keep up this facade I've created posing as an incredibly pretentious but borderline happening musical artist. Now, I know theres a lot of music out there and that you can only weasel so much money outta your mom, but wouldn't you rather be supporting an artist fronting such important enterprises as the calculated murder and sales of animals for human consumption and everyones life's blood, pornography? I thought so.

A couple fuckers with a healthy attitude.